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Optimize your real estates business

  • Estates-Manager is a professional cloud software for real estates management
  • With Estates-Manager you can manage your offices, employees, offers, deals, contacts and much more
  • Perfectly for real estates agents, small and middle real estates agencies
  • Custom Business solutions (not in cloud) for big companies

What is Estates-Manager?

Estates-Manager is web based software which helps manage and organize your real estates business. The software allows you to create an account for each of your employees. Manage the access and functionality of employee accounts. Create and manage a list of all your offers, contacts (clients, partners, colleagues). Make deals with your offers or/and clients. Search for matches in your offers to find easily the offers, that can make deals. Organize your events, meetings, property inspections and etc. You no longer need disk space. All of your documents and files can be organized in your document library and can be viewed from any place, where you have internet access. Easy way to mail with your company colleagues. Share your offers and be social... Estates-Manager can work on your PC, tablet or mobile device. You can manage everything on the fly, from anywhere.

You don't need to install anything. Just enter your email and password and click "Login" to continue login to the software. All of your data is in a secure cloud server and you have access from everywhere and anytime. All of your information is synchronized in real time and all of your employees can work with your private database. Only accounts, authorized by you accounts can work with your offers, contacts, deals and etc.

Estates-Manager Top features

Current version 1.0 - Released date March 22 2015
Upcoming in version 1.1

Real estates website (optional)

Get your website with unique design (not template), hosting, support and full integration with the software. You don't need to pay for the website development process but your website monthly price is a 70% of your software license monthly cost. Website option is additional service and you need to contact us for more information.

Great help and support

  • We offer unlimited support and help 24/7, including help about software functionality and features.
  • Standard Free support included in all payed licenses. Response up to 48h after ticket sent.
  • Premium support will be used after additional tax pay. Response up to 6h after ticket sent.

Pricing plans

Package Maximum number of offers Maximum number of company accounts Price per month + Web site (optional)
Personal 500 1 $10.99 + $7.69
Small business 1`000 3 $18.60 + $9.00
Standard 3`000 10 $19.90 + $13.90
10`000 30 $39.90 + $27.90
Middle Company 30`000 100 $69.90 + $48.90
Corporate 100`000 500 $159.99 + $111.90
Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited $299.99 + $209.99

All subscription plans include also :
  • Standard support
  • Unlimited disk space, number of images and files to upload
  • Default package with countries and estate types
  • Completely functional mobile and tablet versions

About Us

We are an European company, that develop web based cloud software solutions. We have a strong and professional team, that work hard to provide to you powerful functionality and simple interface software solutions. We want to facilitate you and your colleagues with great software for successful business!